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⚜️Lineage 2 Ultimate HIGH-FIVE ⚜️ ( PC GAMES )

04-04-2020 15:00 WIB

Hi guys we will bring back the High Five Community and we will create for Massiv Player ( High Rate )

Download :
Website :
Forum :
Group Page :

EXP 500x
SP 500x
Adena 100x
Drop Rate 1x
Special Zone with Drop :
1. Ultimate Coin
2. Enchant / Blessed Enchant Scroll
3. GC / GCM
4. ETC

Enchant Weapon Rate : 85%
Enchant Armor Rate : 85%
Max Enchant Weapon : 30
Max Enchant Armor : 30
Max Enchant Jewel : 30
Olympiad Limit Enchant +6

————-Server Feature————–
1. As you know we less about Bug
2. Server Forum Connecting on Website
3. Balance Territory War Battle
4. Balance Casttle Siege Battle
5. Balance Subclass
6. Event Fully Working
7. More costume for Bored Playing
8. You will never Seen Feature Server Like Lineage 2 Ultimate
———–Server Spesification———-
Intel I7 7700k with 4.50 GHZ
Ram 64 GB
Connection Singapore
With 1GB Port Anti DDOS

See you Later Guys ” Say no to what ? YES !! OUR SERVER IS TOTALLY FREE TO PLAY ” What you Waiting for ? SHOW YOUR SKILL !!! (if you dont have skill for playing Please Go Away, Play Another Server)

New Update Event during Ramadhan Season!!

Good news for Lineage 2 Ultimate Players, we have New Update Event during ramadhan season!!
What is That??
A. Benefit of Ramadhan
B. Blessing of Ramadhan

A. Benefit of Ramadhan :
1. Increase Weapon Enchant 5% Total 90%
2. Increase Armor Enchant 5% Total 90%
3. Increase Jewel Enchant 5% Total 90%
4. Increase Item Drop Rate x2

B. Blessing of Ramadhan : (1 Player only can blessing 1 time /day)
1. Topup IDR 50.000 – 99.000 (5$-9$)
Blessing To Player :
– Festival Adena 50
– Enchant Destruction Armor 2
– Ultimate Coin 5000
– Enchant Destruction Weapon 1

2. Topup IDR 100.000 – 499.000 (10$-49$)
Blessing To Player :
– Festival Adena 100
– Ultimate Coin 10.000
– Enchant Destruction Armor 4
– Enchant Destruction Weapon 2

3. Topup IDR 500.000 – more (50$+)
– Got Bonus Card 10%
– Blessing Share to your Friend (Choose 1 Acc Raidboss to your Friend)
– Random People Will be Get 1 Acc Raidboss(Random)
Sharing :
– Festival Adena 500
– Ultimate Coin 50.000
– Enchant Divine Weapon 5
– Enchant Divine Armor 10

Event Start on : 1 Mei 2020
Event Will be Ended on : 23 Mei 2020 (23.59 GMT+7)

– 1 Player only can blessing 1 time /day
– If you do blessing lucky random player in server will get the blessing rewards (only can get 1 blessing rewards /day )
– you can choose want to blessing / not.
– Only for 1 single recharge (not acumulation)

Rate enchant Agathion 24/04/2020

Rate enchant Agathion =
1% Broken
30% Fail
69% Success

GM Authority Rules

1. For in-game problems, we are not really responsible, because our job is not to take care of what happend in the game (Place to earn farming more, Best Spot farming , clan fights, etc.)  Staff and GM only works for geodata errors, bugs, monster errors, exoploitation, etc.

2. The point is all the problem in the game, gm not allow to join / interfere. For farming problems where it’s up to you, you can disscuss with your friends or clan , or you can hunting new zone.

3. Lineage 2 infinity based on L2 wiki, we still working and trying to implementation it. we always try to make a good and balance server of lineage 2 Smile GM can changes the rules based on condition server.

4. We also have provided a leveling guide for a newbie players.
Please dont ask where best spot to farming adna, etc.
You can discuss with your friends / clans / your alliance, we trying to be profesional. (we actually doesn’t have the right to tell  you)

5. We dont have side to any particular clan here, we try to balance it. Please understand. We deserve forum to discuss, give suggestion , etc. (If you have any sugestion you we can disscuss in forum, so will not missunderstanding)

6. Main Job for the publisher and devloper is only to be engineered, straight, and conducive Game.

7. (No threads – no problem) we are All living people.GM / staff may not see your message in the game/whatsapp/ forget about it. So please kindly always, any bug reports to start from the forum,
if we don’t answere youre thread it’s not mean we dont notice it, because we are still searching the way to fixed and give best solution
Report link (Forum website):

Please be  cooperate with us.



Lineage 2 Ultimate Game Rules

Lineage 2 Ultimate Game Rules

  1. Exploiting is not allowed. If you find a bug / glitch, tell a GM or you might get punishment / banned.
  2. Impersonating as an Lineage 2 Ultimate game staff will get banned immidiately.
  3. Advertising another game in the game you will get banned.
  4. Do not involve GM’s in trades, just post on our forum for sell and buying item (Click Here)
  5. Dont Using our server to PROMOTE ANOTHER SERVERS or you will get banned.
  7. We NOT ACCEPT request ITEM, EDITING STAT, CHAR, BRIBE please be fair and enjoy the game. our TEAM always check the log EVERYDAY.
  8. Leader clan should be active.
    If the clan leader is inactive for 7 days then the clan leader will be transferred to the active member.

Simple advices which will keep you out of trouble:

  1. Never share your account details with anyone. Lineage 2 Ultimate game will not be responsible for scammed / hacked items / accounts. Lineage 2 Ultimate game staff will never ask you for your password.
  2. You are allowed to sell your items, characters and accounts for anything, even real life money.
  3. Be friendly to our staff. They spend hours and hours for free helping players. We tell our staff that if they are treated with disrespect they are allowed to jail those who disrespect them.
  4. Flaming is allowed to a certain degree. There is a fine line between flaming and bullying. If a GM feels you’ve gone too far then you will get punished.
  5. Have an issue and no GM is available? Post it on our forum and you might get help or you can contact us on the live chat website or direct whatsapp imedietly ( whatsapp number = +6281250002296)
  6. If you have criticism and suggestions to make us being good server, just tell us immediately (Click Here)
  7. (No threads – no problem) we are All living people.GM / staff may not see your message in the game/whatsapp/ forget about it. So please kindly always, any bug reports to start from the forum,
    if we don’t answere youre thread it’s not mean we dont notice it, because we are still searching the way to fixed and give best solution
    Report link (Forum website):
  8. Make sure , Real Trade Money posting on Forum (Click Here)
  • Administrator & GM can be Change Agreement and Rules to make better & Balance server.



Let’s Join our special BOOST ENCHANT RATE 99% ENCHANT (Armor & Weapon)!
This event only for 5 Minute’s you will get enchant rate 99% automaticly ! DON’T MISS IT!
Bored Farming ? Want to PVP ?
What are you waiting for?
Register YOUR ACCOUNT NOW IN L2ULTIMATE High5 PVP Server! Play and Have Fun Together! SHOW YOUR SKILL!

🔥Website =
🔥Laucher Link download =
🔥Download System file link (limit) =
🔥Client Link download =…
🔥Alternative Download System file Link =

* If you already have a client, download the download system only

* If you don’t have a client download via launcher / client (one can)

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